This page serves both as a FAQ for people considering having a shop,
as well as the terms and conditions for those operating within the village.


Please ensure all staff or helpers in your shop are aware of these conditions. 



  • Villages are located on the Wellington waterfront in various locations. The exact location is confirmed a couple of months before each village.

  • For most weeks from Monday to Friday, there will be a few food vendors set up beside the pop-up shops acting as a pop-up food market and drawing more people to the area.


Businesses and products

  • We look for candidates that represent high-quality Wellington artists, designers or unique small businesses.

  • No subletting, although the container can be shared by two or more designers/businesses, but all applicants must apply and be approved. We will only invoice one business.

  • No hot food stalls.

  • Any new items from what was originally agreed to must first be approved in writing before selling in your shop.

  • Play nice! Here at Wellington Creative, we are a small team and the villagers become an intimate group of co-workers. As such ensuring everyone gets along and is respectful of each other is crucial in our decision making. We also need to know that any requests or terms and conditions will be followed without having to spend time following up. Be professional, respectful and have integrity is the minimum we ask of you and your staff.



  • Your shop/container display is important and must be of high visual standard.  

  • You can spread out to a maximum of 1m from your container front or sides.

  • Please provide adequate lighting within your container to best display your goods (eco or LED bulbs only).

  • You and your staff will be ambassadors for the village and for Wellington. Please present your shop and yourself as you would in any high street shop and ensure your staff are aware of this condition.


Container info

  • Containers are generally 3m (10ft) high cube size.

  • There will be tie-down points to tie banners or to hang things from both inside and outside. You can not screw or nail into the container, but you can fit it out any way you are inspired to do provided the container is left in the same condition you received it.

    • The photos added to this page are to offer examples of how you can set up your container.

  • Special padlocks are required for the containers. You will be responsible for providing this yourself.

  • There will be generic Pop-up Village signage on the outside of all containers, so your own signage must work around this.

    • Signage can not damage the containers in any way and must be removed at the end of the village.

  • Containers must be left in exactly the same state as when you received them.

    • Any damage or cleaning charges will be paid for by you, the tenant.

  • A maximum of 15 containers per village although some locations may have a reduced maximum due to space available.

  • If a business requires two containers, this will only be considered on a case by case basis.​ No discount for the second container. 


Sustainability requirements

  • As of 2018, the Underground Market and Pop-up Villages have adopted a sustainable approach to packaging, to be in line with all other events in Wellington and further afield. This means packaging & bags etc must be biodegradable.



  • Stallholder promotion

    • You are required to actively promote your Pop-up Shop and the village on the village Facebook page (you will be made an admin).

    • Hand out fliers and put posters of the village around town.

    • Promote the village through your own social media and other online avenues.

    • Explore other ways of promoting the village and your business.

  • Wellington Creative promotion

    • Wellington Creative will distribute press releases, promote it on all What's on sites, in our newsletter, social media and website.

    • Create fliers and posters for villagers to use

    • Provide signage on containers.


Arrival day

  • The day the container is delivered is the start date of the village as listed on the apply page.

  • You will be able to start your pack in once ALL containers are in place generally after 2pm.

  • Please note all dates and times may be subject to last minute changes due to weather or other occurrences outside our control.


Set up

  • On arrival you may find your container in need of a wipe and a mop down on the floor, the walls or the ceiling due to containers being left unused and stored for several months. Please provide your own cleaning gear.

  • You can not screw or nail into the container, but you can fit it out any way you are inspired to do provided the container is left in the same condition you received it. Any damage will be paid for by you, the tenant. You can see below examples of how previous occupants have done this.

  • There will be tie down points to tie banners or to hang things from both inside and outside.

  • You can only set up within 1m out from your container.

  • Locks - You will be required to purchase your own locks. You will need a specific type of lock suitable shipping container “lock box”.

  • See below for Health and Safety requirements around power cords and opening container doors.

  • The advertised start of the village to the general public is the Saturday following delivery but you can start trading as soon as you are ready to.


Parking & vehicles

  • Please be aware there is very limited vehicle access available on the waterfront and failure to strictly adhere to these guidelines could mean access to denied for everyone:

  • Only drive on the wharf/waterfront during our allocated access times, when you need to load stock etc from your car

  • Have your hazards on at all time

  • Drive at walking pace

  • Pedestrians and cyclists have right of way

  • Never leave your car on the wharf when not unloading, even for 5 minutes

  • No parking provided



  • We have recommended opening hours when the weather is good: 10am to 4pm every day.

  • You may also be asked to be open for any events within the village.

  • We would encourage you to open outside these hours as suits you, especially on nice days, weekends and when you know there are crowds around.

  • Contact us if you want to add any new items from what was originally agreed to.

  • You may be asked to close early or stay closed for certain events or waterfront activities for safety reasons as directed by Wellington City Council.​

  • Wellington Creative accepts no responsibility for items that are damaged or stolen.



  • You will be expected to:

    • Promote your business and the village on the village facebook page

    • Hand out fliers and put posters of the village round town

    • Explore other ways of promoting the village

    • We will also add you to the village public FB page as an admin so you can promote the village and your goods, although all posts must be done as "drafts" for our Marketing Coordinator to approve and edit for consistency in tone acrross all posts.

  • Wellington Creative will:

    • Promote on “What's on” sites

    • Promote in our newsletter and facebook pages and website

    • Create fliers and posters for shop owners to put around town

    • Provide signage for the containers. General Pop-up shop signage will take precedence over individual business signage.

    • All containers on the ends will have signage on the outer side and possibly on the back


Packing out

  • The containers need to be vacated, lock removed and completely clean (including sweeping floors and scrubbing any marks on the walls) on the last day as per the date on the apply page.

  • The containers are picked up at 8am the following day.

  • Final Inspection will be on the day of the container pick up. You are not required to be there in person.

  • Containers must be left in exactly the same state as when you received them.

    • Any damage or cleaning charges will be paid for by you, the tenant.

  • Feedback will be welcome after the season has finished. We will send you an email asking about your experience.



  • Payment can be made weekly AP as long as you are 4 weeks in advance.

  • Your booking is not confirmed until you have been invoiced and a deposit paid.

  • Please refer to your invoice for all further requirements.


Health & Safety

All operators, staff and helpers are accountable for the Health and Safety in and around their shop.

  • Only drive onto the waterfront when absolutely necessary (ie re-stocking your shop). You will be emailed with what times per week villagers can have vehicle access the village.

  • Drive at walking pace and use your hazard lights. Your car must be removed as quickly as possible. You will be ticketed if your vehicle is not cleared as soon as unloaded.

  • Be extremely careful when opening or closing the container doors, as the wind can easily grab them and it is quite a serious hazards to passers-by. There has been a serious incident on the Waterfront in the past where a container door seriously injured a member of the public. We do NOT want to have our ability to trade on the waterfront withdrawn because of an incident like this, so use extreme caution at all times:

    • Always use two hands when opening or closing the doors.

    • Open doors must be securely fastened with a tie-back AT ALL TIMES

    • The doors are very heavy and they need to be securely in place when open and able to cope with Wellington wind.

    • Check your tie back every day to ensure no fraying or damage.

  • Trip hazards

    • Keep your shop & surrounds clear of trip hazards

    • Prevent tripping in the entryway: Ensure your entry step is marked or taped with coloured tape so it is in sharp contrast to the ground beneath.

  • Power cords

    • All cords must be tagged & tested

    • No exposed connections of any type

    • The electrician has advised that power will be extremely limited. The ONLY things approved for you to plug in will be LED or eco bulb lights (no halogens sorry), eftpos and phone chargers. Please respect this limitation and refrain from plugging in anything else.

  • Any incident, accident or near miss to operators or members of the public

    • Ensure the immediate safety of all present

    • Attend to the injured person(s)

    • Contact ambulance or police if needed

    • Email Wellington Creative after any incident or accident.

  • Emergencies

    • In case of an earthquake or other natural disaster when leaving the waterfront immediately is required, go straight to Te Papa or to higher ground as needed.

  • In the case of extreme wind where it becomes too dangerous to operate, you will be instructed to shut down.

  • Each operator is required to have their own first aid kit on site.

  • Please be mindful of procedures around cash handling safety, particularly when using staff in your shop.

  • Failure to adhere to any of these Health & Safety measures may result in immediate cancellation of your Pop Up shop contract. This includes staff and helpers.



  • In a nutshell, be kind and considerate to everyone and conduct yourself in a professional manner. We promote a safe and positive atmosphere for staff and stallholders to work, all stallholders/staff involved with the Pop Up villages shall abide by the following Code of Conduct (in person, on social media and in writing).

  • All persons shall act with respect toward fellow stallholders, staff, and members of the public.

  • Physical or verbal abuse to fellow stallholders, their staff, customers or management of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • All persons shall treat public and private property and equipment with respect.

  • Any violation of the Code of Conduct by a stallholder or their staff may result in the immediate and permanent removal from the Pop Up village without refund or compensation. Wellington Creative and its staff reserve the right to restrict or ter­mi­nate any stallholder/their staff activ­ity which, in their opin­ion, is disruptive, slanderous, inap­pro­pri­ate or is detri­men­tal to the qual­ity of the event as a whole. In the event of any restric­tions or evic­tions, Wellington Creative and its affil­i­ates will not be liable for any refund of rental or other expenses.


Contact with Wellington Creative

  • Wellington Creative staff will be on site from time to time, but not regularly. They can be contacted via email during business hours if you have any queries or concerns.

  • If you have issues with buskers please call the Wellington City Council 04 499 4444.

  • If you have issues with theft or any other serious issue with the general public, please call police immediately 111 and follow up with an email to Esther (we need it in writing) with what occurred.


Boring legal part:

Wellington Creative Markets Ltd  and its staff reserves the right to amend or add to this document at any time. Any addi­tions or amend­ments will be notified in an email or through our Stallholder Newsletter. The inter­pre­ta­tion of this document by Wellington Creative shall be final.

If you have any questions, please email 
Or phone 021 389 369, 9am - 4pm Monday to Thursday
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If you have any questions, please email 
When you are ready to submit your expression of interest
Click here!
We look forward to getting your application

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