Wellington Creative was set up to:

  • Help artists, designers and small businesses to thrive

  • Create a tangible experience of the ‘Creative Capital’

  • Help business owners to find a work/life balance doing what they love

  • Be an example of a sustainable (environmentally, economically, structurally, socially) business, so the company can operate long term serving the community through the points above


Wellington Creative does this by creating high quality, repeatable opportunities for artists, designers and small businesses to take advantage of, such as:

  • The Wellington Underground Market

  • The Wellington Christmas Markets

  • The Waterfront Pop-Up Villages

Wellington Creative launched the Wellington Underground Market in 2009, then in 2014 they launched their next venture on the Wellington Waterfront, the much loved Wellington Pop-Up Villages. The Pop Up Villages have grown from strength to strength providing a valuable stepping stone for small business to experience full-time retail for short periods.


The Pop Up Village acts as a retail business incubator and springboard for emerging stars. Many businesses over the years have gone on to exporting, wholesaling and/or full-time retailing.



“We are always looking for new opportunities to connect Wellington artists and small businesses with shoppers in a fun and creative way. Making a living from your creativity and having a great work-life balance really is feasible."

Helena Tobin, Owner​​



“The benefits are much more than making sales: you can learn how to best sell your product, assess your pricing, product reception and identify your product strengths and weaknesses.” 

Anna Leydon, Stallholder